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Keywords: angel cordelia
Date: 01.11.2005 16:24
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17.07.2014 02:25 Offline korsu001

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Han purple is no longer only to be good and several female classmates, but not always the sticking Fairview. Rounds of small boys and frequent exchanges Han purple Lin Chao, Li Xin of two kindergarten up. Han purple several occasions took beautiful hastily ran to the playground, and sometimes after school he would hastily run out of school, sometimes deliberately dawdling not go. And it happens, she will be able to hit Lam Li Xin, or, if there are no words to say a few words. Can sometimes deliberately avoid them like, sometimes restless, sometimes shy blush.

"You are not puppy love it?" The way a school of beautiful purple Han asked, "Lin Chao or Li Xin fancy it?" "Who puppy love ah, not allowed to be nonsense." Han purple fooling with, but blushing. She sometimes like showing off with Fairview, said: "I'm looking at the super handsome, you look at our class little boy, not a sissy, is lengtouqing, and there are not the spirit of man I admire Lee Jin Xin diligence. , every year the top five, powerful Yeah! ' "or the fancy people!" Splendid said, "you're a puppy love!" "that is not, I, I like them, can not I?" Han purple red red face and ran away.

Fairview also his mother played Han purple things, and asked her mother: "You say she is not puppy love ah ah I do not want to shame me out with her friends?!!" Mom said:! "This is the process of growing it on male students have a good impression, we can not say it is puppy love! everyone has strengths and weaknesses, you are a good friend from childhood, how can you say no intercourse intercourse it? Besides, you can remind her, not too much and male students alone and from it! "Splendid think also, she managed it! sometimes they are not upset you?

Fairview himself this time also annoying. She sometimes with purple Han cheerful love, sometimes felt she was too crazy, limelight. Sometimes feel very satisfied with his paintings, sometimes painted feel very bad. Sometimes like elegant landscape changing, sometimes heartfelt emotion in painting carefully written. Sometimes for his painting was a sign out of a newspaper and complacent, sometimes several drawings were returned pessimistic, depressed, or even lose confidence.

At the same time to observe and evaluate the people and things around, and began to understand and evaluate Fairview herself, she would stand in front of the mirror looking at himself how much longer? Will put themselves with movies, novels ownership in comparison reverie. Sometimes feel very good:! Good grades, painting children paint it, looks can be considered beautiful it can sometimes she felt indifferent, did not test over the first year, no singing and dancing talent.

Recently, the beautiful and sometimes also emotional irritability, but also emotional. Sometimes secretly and female students chest, sometimes for their own chest protrusions and angry. Fairview I think myself that it is how the matter? It is not that the mother and said the book Growing Pains ah? Fortunately, after a cranky, Fairview will gradually adjust themselves, and then confidently into the study and painting it!


Summer vacation day, Han purple ask where to go to play Fairview, Fairview casually out: "I want to see the sea!" But go? The whole family by the father's wages to live, my mother always taught her frugality and economy. From small to large, she only visited two nearby small town. Looked at the Botanical Garden, she was on a variety of lush trees, beautiful colorful flowers and herbs marvel. Read Confucian Temple and Confucius she lamented the magic of the great and ancient buildings. Of course, few are out for a meal out, the same day back and forth, sometimes my mother to save money but also to push said no time, only she and her father went. Dad often said to take her to go out to see, broaden their horizons, read a lot Hangwanlilu you! But to this?
05.07.2016 04:40 Offline wq123

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