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Description: Dancing Pill
Keywords: Dancing Pill
Date: 15.06.2005 19:59
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Sometimes she appeared very interesting 'from you I smell you and others in different places''How come? ''Just from talking to you the way I feel faint your character'

'What is it? ''Eccentric and yet a little arrogant, just started feeling inaccessible, cooked warm' end plus a shy expression.As for her other views known, but I also admire some truth in some of her qualities, inherent in discourse, although the expression must not be comprehensive, but she will use an old saying or similar words to express, then I detail of the supplement, is nothing more than the role between the two plays is that she has a general framework after I embellished, and are each good, it feels perfectly great, after I do not know which night wander constellation Gemini woman thinking indeed than I've seen lots of activity to another woman, and a relatively broad range of knowledge of some, but this is relative, at least for use in her appropriate. Compare weird, I even could not believe she was two years older than me.Winter will come so quietly, she is always the occasional phone call, 'You Guia calls, I used the company plane to fight over you, hear me? Oh wait. 'Occasionally he showed adult children learned tone, her fickle people feel wonderful. Also it touches on so I played in the past several times she hung up, not separated while they fight over. Roughly an hour after the time she did not return telephone information 'finally home it'where did you go? ''Where I did not go, ah, just come back, the company''Do you often work overtime ah? ''No way, I voluntarily''Good staff' I also add a thumbs expression'Oh ...' a little half a minute of silence she sent messages came 'Oh, the weather is really cold, I just pick up water, the water does not come out, the water was frozen, not to wash the bath'So cold days do not wash ah''OK then'Until now carefully think about, huh obviously wronged her, I actually thought she was deliberately left in the evening in the company is nothing more than use the company phone to call me, but I can not see through the lies and her surface, this is one of them, Forgot fickle Gemini endorsement addition, there are lies.'You talked about love? ''Crush, How about you. ''I have two, you crush the results how? ''No results, ah, How about you? ''The first was younger I do not cherish, and the second is the personality clashes''Ha ha,' I can only perfunctory look. During that time I quickly completed the draft of the essay, the first time issued
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Yan, the temple incense, I Bono, also a Buddha, holding scrolls, hang prayer flags, favorites or arms that roll of poetry, you wavefront horizontal, have your youthful pro, the more your hands cold, warm the foot, are obsessed with you, you are my Buddha. Dusk, wind and rain Qiaochuang, after a thousand years of rain and fog, thin lean on a peach, cool lotus in general, there is no resurrection, and no joy. Mood, only shades stray; florid, the thickness of only a few, a small word Xiaoling, said a person with hearing.Mountains, deep distant; cloud, Qingshu Manjuan. Spring Hill Apprehension, misty rain, pear rain, one after another, triumphantly, a white ground, a word Que. He stooped to pick up, put on the lips, kiss petals, that tear. Bird's the rareness, the sky clear of smoke, delicious Italian untold conditions. as Ling-feng Phi months, should sound of the valley of the hustle and bustle world, with their Jingchu day, troubles cut, cut back and forth, cutting a shadow Shouma life. or go far away from the Tang Dynasty in the spring, Song went close from the fall to the depths of the wildflowers, to the poet lived in cabins, LEISURE, Qingyuan net US spring, Song went from close to the autumn, to the depths of the wildflowers, to the poet lived in cabins , LEISURE, Qingyuan Jingmei. "romantic and refined their sentences, Enron itself, like a snail crawling in a long time reading the flowers, a few months are not climb a bother, slow or slow is good, speck of dust, you can use a lifetime go trekking, a bloom, a lifetime to wait for a bloom, a lifetime to pay tribute. White plum blossoms fall also read several articles Zen text, a small woman Zen, romance, Mind but thousands of miles away in clouds, fog Yunshan than clear your heart is much more resistant product.Optional day, why choose Kazuya. Every day is a good day, is always a good time. Time is very quiet, flowing from painting, walking on springs, listening to rock the mind, the wind had, a stone shed the fragrance of flowers, jade, a woman, round, plump, naked and lying on the stone, millions of years desires to spread in the body, lingering into the situation. Stone falling snow, rustled, only the cool, into the earth. One person, one city, one center, one temple, the city Feng wings, across the sky, there is no trace. Sitting on a rock, or in the eyes of your shadow, dressed in a white cotton dress, long hair, gently walking in the creek, mountains, pull strands of water, wash a few feet, finger-fiber beauty, slender foot repair, Jiao good charming, a ray of Acacia, I do not know for whom? Listening to the water sound, smell the flowers, Acacia end is busy. Like around the house into the Buddhist, the family moved again in the Book of Songs, and then move, that is, in the poetry.He sat on the floor. Set a small table. Put aside the misty clouds, ground, laying out the paper, brush. Pro a "Heart Sutra", come some Cursive it. Through quiet at heart, always cool environment. Stone springs, flower head, frightened blackbirds month, dew foliage. Clouds into milli end, such as sit scattered monk. Smoke cloud poly rope, spectacular. The mountain, to the water, myriad waterfalls, river stone
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